b. 1986, HK.


why i design

I believe good design should feel truly useful, delight the user, and fit our lifestyle naturally. I think about these values in all aspects of my life, whether I’m playing hide-and-seek with my little one, cooking Thai food for my family, or jogging in the park. Whatever the experience is, I love thinking about how to make it the most approachable and enjoyable for the user.



Sr Experience Designer / Adobe, Oct 2012 – Present, Lead visual design for Acrobat desktop, also working on Adobe Sign web-platform and Adobe Scan mobile app.

Interactive Art Director / Mortar Agency, Sep 2009 – Oct 2012, UX UI design, concept development for clients, Fair Trade, Golden Gate University and medical devices.

Sr Designer / Montparnas, Jun – Sep 2009, UX UI design, concept development.

Freelance Designer / Flickerbox, Jan – Jun 2009, UX UI design, concept development for clients, Oracle and Zimbra.

Visual Designer / Solutionset, Sep 2005 – Oct 2008, UX UI design, concept development for clients, Autodesk, Zazzle, Tibco, Post, Ooma and Wells Fargo.

Interactive Designer / Ogilvy, Jun – Sep 2005, web design, concept development for Yahoo Minipop Campaign and Yahoo SBC.

Design Intern / Punchcut, Nov 2004 - May 2005, Information, graphic and web design for Television UI, Font Shop, Typophile and Disney.